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   Benefits & value-added

The competitive advantage

Full control over a top class textile value chain, from spinning, to weaving, finishing, and printing, all the way to finished items such as bed linens and bed spreads. Highly efficient computerized manufacturing and logistic systems enhance vertical production and provide tangible benefits in terms of quality and timing.
The technologically advanced production plants are designed to weave double-width fabrics, i.e. 260 - 300 cm wide. This provides a significant advantage when fabrics are used in interior decorating projects, and it translates into an added value for the customer.
With more than sixty years of experience, KOHRO has a wide offering of bedding: coordinated fabrics for bed linens, bed spreads, curtains, towels and decorative accessories.

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The ability to control vertical production provides tangible benefits in terms of quality and timing.

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All fabrics in the collection are 260 - 300 cm wide. This width allows for optimal cutting planes, a significant benefit for interior design projects.
The exceptionally wide array of coordinated fabrics also draws its inspiration from the Group's rich historical textile archives. Since 1947 the Group has been actively involved in first-rate projects for the hospitality, lodging and marine industries.

Benefits / added value

  • More than 1000 fabrics for: upholstery, soft furnishings, curtains, wall coverings, bed covers, bed linens, tablecloths, bath robes and accessories.
  • 260-300 double width for all items
  • Finest natural raw material: European linen, silk, Egyptian cotton and cashmere
  • The in-house style department is ready to produce your samples and color variations on the weaving looms at your request
  • Special finishings: vintage, tie-dyed, and mercerized yarn dying
  • Cut length (minimum order 1 meter)
  • 48 hour delivery
  • Dedicated support to interior decorating projects, including manufacturing of finished items for bedding, table, bathroom and window dressing.