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   Wool and Cashmere Collection



KOHRO's first WOOL AND CASHMERE collection has all the charm of warm summers and cold winters in South America.

The best wool and cashmere fabrics, in color ranges that pay tribute to fluffy fleeces of flocks, mineral or earthy tones, and the elegant intensity of Andean landscapes.

The vast palette in mélange and solid colors completes delicate pinstripes, elegant micro patterns, mysterious graphic effects, and starkchevrons.


The fabrics in KOHRO's WOOL AND CASHMERE collection are fireproof and exhibit all the properties found in wool - thermal insulation, soundproofing, non conductivity and moisture resistance - adding nonchalant elegance to interior decoration, upholstery and curtains, KOHRO style.

Perfect for blankets, throws and cushions, the WOOL AND CASHMERE collection offers several tailoring templates and a range of sophisticated trimmings to create decorative accessories with refined personality.



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