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   Bespoke e Inspiring Box

KOHRO Bespoke ® creates the opportunity to work with the client to design and manufacture household items that are tailored to dress the bedroom and beyond. All manufactured with great care and of utmost quality they transform the most ambitious projects into moments of daily elegance.


In fact the elegant INSPIRING BOX reveals KOHRO's ability to personalize items to suit customer preferences. It is useful for envisioning and defining bed wear, bath linens and more. The box contains color swatches and samples showing delicate embroideries, border stripes and hem patterns, and styles from classic to contemporary.


In addition to solid color sateens and percales, the KOHRO collection includes jacquard patterns.and digital prints. Offered in a varied color palette, they create a refined mix- and-match canvas of items, ideal for crafting exquisite bed sheets, duvet covers and bathroom sets.


Combining fabrics at will from the rich KOHRO collection together with teh KOHRO Bespoke service is the key to easily creating exclusive Made in Italy pieces.