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KOHRO presents online the new carpeting's collection, the Eden Collection.




"Land of the long white cloud" is the ancient name given by the Maori people to New Zealand. Suggestive, different and faraway, it is a land at world's end that evokes deep emotions. With its unspoiled areas, history of migrations and explorations, crossing of cultures and openings of new horizons, it is the inspiration behind the "Eden Collection." KOHRO rugs are made of fine wool yarns, carefully processed natural fibers at the core of precious products, naturally elegant and simply timeless. KOHRO CARPETING. BEAUTY, PERFORMANCE, ENDURANCE, COMFORT, INTEGRITY. The unique qualities of wool give KOHRO rugs their exceptional beauty, as well as advantages in terms of use, care and comfort. New Zealand wool is a natural and sustainable fiber of superior quality. It is used primarily in the KOHRO collection, and it offers an extensive color palette, its structure and brilliance heightens the design pattern, it is durable and easy to care. The decision to use this wool for KOHRO items is based on its insulation properties, since it reduces heat loss, condensation and noise levels. It also provides a welcoming, relaxing and comfortable ambiance, whereas its natural non-allergenic properties promote a healthy indoor environment. Paired with a sensibility towards sustainable use of the land and care for the herds, the resulting fiber is renewable, biodegradable and traceable making KOHRO rugs an ethical value-added proposition.


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